Photos from ultra race in book" Born to Run" by Chris McDougall

I just finished the book Born to Run by Chris McDougall. I’ve already adjusted my training to incorporate some of the features he mentioned in his book that helped him regain the joy of running injury-free. You can check out my daily training updates at

I found some magical and inspiring photos taken by one of the inaugural runners of the Copper Canyon Ultra and talented ultra runner himself Luis Escobar. His beautiful and respectfully taken photos of the Tarahumara and gringo ultra runners are at

In 2006 Caballo Blanco (aka Micah True) put on a friendly match race with some Tarahumara and some of the most talented ultra marathoners in the world including Scott Jurek. Check out Caballo Blanco’s web site for more info about his inspiring and wonderful Copper Canyon Run and Ultra Marathon Race.

Anyway, after Day #1 of my new “Team Tarahumara” inspired training: I feel great! No PF pain today after spending quality time with my kids on Mother’s Day by towing them around on their skateboards with me jogging in some old (12 years old?) flat Nike trail runners (instead of my new $135 NB 1223s). I ended up returning the NBs and bought some Brooks Cascadia at our local running shop Inside Track. I don’t have the tendon/muscle strength yet to go barefoot or wear the Vibram FiveFinger barefoot running sole protectors worn by Barefoot Ted in the Born to Run book. Not yet…

Have fun running
Love comes first
Less is More