Disaster Relief: KIRF’s Nepalese Earthquake Supplies Delivery in May 2015

Kirwin International Relief Foundation logo (registered)KIRF co-founder and disaster relief volunteer Mark Kirwin is flying out to Nepal with a disaster relief volunteer from Ventura Rotary next week, May 12, 2015.

Mark Kirwin’s May 2015 field report from Nepal has been posted on KIRFaidblog.org >

Mr. Kirwin is Cultural Anthropology Adjunct Professor Angela Kirwin’s husband. The Kirwins created their volunteer disaster relief non-profit charity, called “Kirwin International Relief Foundation,” or “KIRF” for short,  after surviving the Andaman Sea tsunami disaster with their children on the coast of southern Thailand on December 26, 2004. After using their own funds and volunteer efforts to help families who lost everything in Thailand, they realized that with the right disaster zone connections and cultural knowledge, they can deliver effective, efficient and locally needed disaster relief. Also, they realized that getting needed disaster supplies into disaster zones quickly and efficiently is still a huge un-met need among the poor and marginalized communities worldwide. Very often disaster relief supplies are diverted away from these communities due to national and local social and political pressures.

Donations made to “KIRF” for Nepal’s earthquake relief will go directly to earthquake survivors in the form of requested building and emergency supplies that will be locally purchased and delivered in Nepal with the donated funds. By purchasing locally, the funds will also help local business owners and their families hit by the earthquake disaster recover. The Kirwin International Relief Foundation is a registered 501(c )(3) non-profit charity in the State of California. Donations are tax deductible.

Updates and photos about this relief effort will be on KIRF’s social media: Twitter.com/KIRFaid  and KIRFaid.org and KIRFaidblog.org

How Wikipedia Really Works











Well today I fell down the Internet rabbit hole again. I found some interesting articles about Wikipedia and social media (and then updated my social media accounts: @AgBioethics, @MultisportMama, @KIRFaid and my (pseudo) private Facebook profile. While looking for an anthropological graphic to post on this blog (found it–it’s below), I read this article by Sociologist and professor Antonio A Casilli about Wikipedia’s crowd-sourced and democratic mechanism of knowledge production titled “THE ACADEMIC, THE WIKIPEDIAN, THE VANDAL [FULL VERSION, UPDATED 05.11.2012]”

On this post is the cartoon that I found in Google Images that led me to that fascinating hour of non-productive time reading Casilli’s well-researched report. Hopefully, some day, I will be able to justify that hour and use some of his article’s information and his links to more information for my Cultural Anthro class.

Sometimes the Internet is just too darn generous with its Information with links to more Information with more links… to more information… and more links… and on and on. It sure is fun though. 🙂

International Students Welcome Back Picnic at College of the Canyons

The International Services and Programs department at College of the Canyons here in Santa Clarita (near Six Flags Magic Mountain) is hosting tomorrow’s Welcome Back Picnic for the college’s many international students attending both it’s Valencia campus and Canyon Country campus.

The International Services and Programs department has helped, so far, in the 2014-2015 academic year, 270 international students. That is about a 100 more than in the previous academic year of 2013-2014. The department is anticipating more international students next year. College of the Canyons has added many services, activities, and workshops to better serve the entire campus community as well as its growing body of international students.

Please feel free to stop by the Welcome Back picnic tomorrow, Wed., February 25, 2015 between 2-4pm at the lawn in front of the International Services Programs office at the Valencia campus.

Welcome Back Picnic for International Students at College of the Canyons, February 25, 2015Now that I’m teaching “culture” at College of the Canyons, I figure it’s about time to update this blog and post about cultural and internationally-focused events at College of the Canyons for my students. À bientôt! 🙂