How Wikipedia Really Works











Well today I fell down the Internet rabbit hole again. I found some interesting articles about Wikipedia and social media (and then updated my social media accounts: @AgBioethics, @MultisportMama, @KIRFaid and my (pseudo) private Facebook profile. While looking for an anthropological graphic to post on this blog (found it–it’s below), I read this article by Sociologist and professor Antonio A Casilli about Wikipedia’s crowd-sourced and democratic mechanism of knowledge production titled “THE ACADEMIC, THE WIKIPEDIAN, THE VANDAL [FULL VERSION, UPDATED 05.11.2012]”

On this post is the cartoon that I found in Google Images that led me to that fascinating hour of non-productive time reading Casilli’s well-researched report. Hopefully, some day, I will be able to justify that hour and use some of his article’s information and his links to more information for my Cultural Anthro class.

Sometimes the Internet is just too darn generous with its Information with links to more Information with more links… to more information… and more links… and on and on. It sure is fun though. 🙂